Required Texts for ECRI Seminars

The following ECRI teacher texts must be purchased prior to attending ECRI seminars.  These will be used during the seminar as well as used in the practicum.

Basic Skills Seminar

  • Teaching Vocabulary (Eight Methods of Instruction) and Teaching Letter Names and Sounds
  • Teaching Spelling Skills and Teaching Proofing Through Dictation
  • Teaching Manuscript and Cursive Penmanship
  • Teaching Literal, Interpretative, Critical, and Creative Comprehension
  • Teaching Scheduling and Record Keeping
  • ECRI Informal Reading Inventory, Parts 1 and 2
  • ECRI Informal Reading Inventory, Part 3
  • Lesson Plan Book for Reading Language Arts
  • Teaching Writing (Creative and Expository) Skills, Book 1
  • Teaching Literature

Intermediate Seminar

  • Teaching Study Skills
  • Teaching Grammar for Sentence Reading and Writing (Vols. 1 and 2)
  • Teaching Punctuation
  • Teaching Writing (Creative and Expository) Skills, Book 2
  • Personally Speaking

To order these teacher texts please see our catalog.